Immigration Concerns

If you are accused of violating the criminal statutes of New Jersey or New York, and you are living in the United States as a Legal Permanent Resident or a non-immigrant visa holder, the consequences of being found guilty of these crimes are enhanced due to your status. Convictions for certain crimes can expose you to deportation proceedings before the United States Immigration Court. Knowing the consequences of your charges for purposes of the criminal, as well as the immigration perspectives are extremely important if you are an immigrant.

Attorney William J. Quirk, Esq. has assisted many immigrants with these specific issues. He has represented immigrants before both the criminal courts and the immigration courts as well as consulted with criminal attorneys who have clients facing possible immigration consequences in order to provide them the information they need to properly represent their clients. If you are an immigrant, or are representing an immigrant, and have questions regarding the consequences of criminal charges, contact Mr. Quirk today.

Deportation and Removal Proceedings

  • Detention Issues before the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Consultations with Immigrants Detained in Jails pending Immigration Court Hearings
  • Bond/Custody Hearings before the Immigration Court for Detained Immigrants
  • Deportation and Removal Cases before the Immigration Court
  • Cancellation of Removal Hearings
  • Asylum Hearings
  • Convention Against Torture Hearings
  • Adjustment Hearings
  • Appellate Hearings before the Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Federal Court Appeals
  • Consultations on Criminal Charges for Attorneys

Criminal Consultation for Immigrants

  • Attorney Consultation on Possible Consequences of Guilty Pleas
  • Collaboration with Criminal Counsel on Plea Counter Offers
  • Bond Hearing Information for Judges
  • Explanation of Negative Impacts for Attorneys and Clients
  • Assistance at Plea Allocution Hearings

Citizenship and Naturalization Proceedings

Family Sponsored Immigration

  • Adjustment of Status Applications
  • Battered Spouse Applications
  • Adoptions

Consular Practice

  • Waiver Applications
  • Family Based Adjustments