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Drug Crimes Attorney in Hackensack, NJ


Substance abuse is a problem worldwide. In New Jersey, our laws are some of the most penal in the country for drug users and abusers. Arrests for simple possession of drugs can lead to

  • Prison Sentences

  • Extended Probation

  • Drug Court Programs

  • Mandatory Fines over $500.00

  • Loss of Driving Privileges

These penalties can affect your life in horrible ways. It can restrict your ability to work and take care of your family. It can cost you thousands of dollars, hours of your life, and the emotional scars that criminal arrests form. Even as New Jersey begins the process of legalizing marijuana, abuse of heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, designer drugs, and steroids remain crimes and are punished harshly by the State.


New Jersey is even harsher on those who possess drugs with the intent to distribute them, and those who engage in the sale of drugs. Convictions under these laws carry:

  • Mandatory prison sentences,

  • Fines between $1000.00 and $3,000.00 for each conviction

  • Long Probationary Sentences

  • Loss of Driving Privileges

Sadly, the structure of the distribution statutes in New Jersey make it much easier than you would think to be charged with such a crime. Buying some drugs for a night with friends may seem like a nice thing to do, but your decision will likely find you carrying more narcotics than what would be considered personal use possession. Anything in excess of personal use weight will lead to a charge of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute at the minimum. Violation of this law with some substances involves minuscule amounts of the drug. Your decision to help your friends may have disastrous consequences for your future.

Have You Been Charged
With A Drug Crime?


The laws are quickly changing in 2021 regarding drug crimes in New Jersey. New Jersey has recently passed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. Police procedures regarding probable cause are changing, and persons previously arrested for charges related to simple possession of marijuana may find themselves in a much better position than a few months ago. Much is still to be decided on these laws, and the law still criminalizes possession of more than six ounces of marijuana. Driving while under the influence of marijuana can still be prosecuted as a Driving While Intoxicated case. Individuals are not free to do whatever they like with Marijuana, and arrests will still happen. If you are arrested for marijuana related crimes, you need a lawyer who can help you.

Having an attorney on your side who understands the changing legal realities will be even more important as the laws are amended. These changes do not eliminate the possibility you could be arrested for a cannabis crime – there are still going to be violations of the law that could cause you great problems in New Jersey.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you need representation that can focus on your well-being from both a criminal and substance abuse perspective. Some people need help, and the first person who can identify this and aid you is a good attorney.


William Quirk has handled hundreds of drug cases in his career and has the experience necessary to guide you through the process of a drug case. He has worked with clinical professionals who can give you assistance for your addiction as he handles your criminal matter. A multifaceted approach can reap benefits for many defendants, as they try to get their lives back on track.

There are many options available to try and resolve these cases. At the municipal court level, recent changes to plea bargaining has allowed attorneys to seek resolutions on some lower-level drug possession cases that would avoid a drug conviction.

Attorneys must present substantial information to the prosecutor and to the court justifying such a resolution. Having an attorney who has handled these cases for years allows you to feel comfortable that your best interests will be protected. An advocate like William Quirk can turn a bad situation into something much more manageable due to his experience and knowledge.