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Vice Crimes Attorney in Hackensack, NJ

Vice Crimes are a set of crimes defined by a society made illegal because they offend the moral standards of the day. New Jersey has strict laws regarding illegal gambling and prostitution, two of the most familiar of vice crimes. Being arrested for a vice crime is an experience that can ruin families, employment, and friendships. The embarrassment of being accused of these crimes sometimes is worse than the punishment that could be given out by a court. The stigma of a vice arrest can remain for a lifetime.

If you have been accused of a vice crime, you need to understand your rights. As our world changes, our beliefs regarding certain activities change. Unfortunately, the laws do not change as quickly as public opinion, and while you may think what you have been accused of is not improper or immoral, the laws in New Jersey say otherwise.

Know Your Rights When It Comes
To Vice Crimes

Convictions for vice-related crimes can cause you to face jail, fines, and the loss of professional licenses on top of the humiliation that you will feel if your arrest is made public. You need to have a lawyer review your case, determine if the activities you engaged in did actually violate the laws, and explore defenses to the criminal accusations. You may have proper defenses, like entrapment, mistake, or coercion that will exonerate you. In our ever-changing world, you need an attorney who can advocate on your behalf with experience and expertise.

William Quirk has more than fifteen years of experience handling vice crime defense. He has resolved cases involving illegal gambling, solicitation of prostitution, and engaging in prostitution before courts throughout the state. He understands the mental anguish being arrested for a vice crime can provide and is ready to guide you through the resolution of your case.