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Sex Crimes Attorney in Hackensack, NJ

If you or someone in your family has been accused of a sex crime in New Jersey, you need an experienced attorney to fight these extremely serious charges. Your rights need to be protected, and your side of the story needs to be heard; without proper representation, you face serious consequences.

Sex crimes carry with them a stigma and can disrupt every aspect of your life. The mere accusation can ruin your reputation and life. Those convicted of these charges face prison, parole supervision for life, as well as the potential to be placed on the Megan’s Law registry.

Our present time is filled with electronic communication. With the rise of social media, text messaging, and the like, the opportunity to get entangled in a sex crime case has become easier. Regardless of how you or your family member has been charged, William Quirk has the experience to handle the case from arrest through resolution.

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In New Jersey, the term “sex crimes” refers to any criminal charge involving sexual activity such as rape, child sexual abuse, prostitution, molestation, criminal sexual contact and conduct, indecent exposure and lewdness. These charges are crimes in New Jersey – this means they are punishable by a sentence to a state prison institution. In some instances, individuals considered habitual and repetitive actors can face a sentence to the Adult Diagnostic Treatment Center at Avenel.

These crimes impact defendants more than any other because of what is implicated by the accusation. No matter what the charge, you have rights under the law. You need an experienced attorney who has handled these matters, has the experience necessary to protect your interests, and knows how to bring about a fair resolution to the case.

Navigating through a sex crimes case can test even the most seasoned of attorneys. The process in a case like this is unlike most in New Jersey. You need a lawyer who has navigated these waters before; you need someone like William Quirk.

William has handled many of these cases in his career. These cases are not fun for anyone to deal with, but years of experience with these matters, William has the tools to help you or your family member with their situation. From the moment you are accused, your life will never be the same. You need to immediately get someone on your side who knows what they are doing; William Quirk is the lawyer you need if you are accused of a sex crime.